‘How to make content marketing your own’: How to use Google News to make money

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Google News was designed with the task of helping people to find the things they love, but as a whole it lacks a certain ‘fun’ factor that many publishers strive for.

But how do you make your own content?

Here are six simple ways to get started.


The most important thing is the content You may find that most of the content you post online is created by other people.

As a result, the content often feels a little bit stale.

This can lead to people posting similar content on other sites, so it is worth looking at a few of the more popular posts.

You can also find a great number of examples of how other people have used Google News for business, with articles like ‘How To Make Money With Google News’ or ‘How You Can Make Your Own Content’.

If you can, it will be worth adding some of your own.


The first step is to understand how the algorithm works This may sound obvious, but there are some important points to understand about the algorithm: ‘Rank’ refers to how popular the content is, so if it’s in the top 20% of the search results, it means it’s a top-quality article.

‘Quality’ is the number of unique visitors to the content (a keyword, for example), and ‘organic’ is when the search engine finds the most people searching for the content.

If you see the word ‘organic’, it means people who are actually searching for your content.

‘Marketing’ refers not only to how you want people to consume your content, but also to how often people will see it.

‘Keyword stuffing’ is how you make sure your content will appear in Google search results (see ‘How Can I Get More Search Engines To Search For My Content?’).


Search engines don’t always know what’s relevant If you search for ‘how to make your content your own’ and you don’t find anything, that’s usually because your search has been filtered by Google.

You might also want to consider what other people are searching for, and what their keywords are, because this could be important for you to know if your content is good.


Make sure the content isn’t too niche You can find content that’s more mainstream, and this could help you make money by linking to more mainstream articles.

But, if your niche is niche-specific, such as ‘how can I make money with the Google search engine’ or other things that have nothing to do with Google, it might not be a good idea to post your content there.


Make your content look appealing, but not too obvious A simple example would be ‘How do I create a blog with a different look than other bloggers?’

This might not seem very appealing, and could look a bit too good to be true.

So, if you want to be sure that the content doesn’t look like a typical post on your own blog, it’s probably better to get help from a professional who can help you get the right tone, and who can explain the process.


Keep a list of the things that people are interested in Your content needs to be informative, engaging and well-designed, so this should be the first thing you add to your list of priorities.


Look for keywords that will lead to the right keywords for your niche This could include keywords that people have already searched for in Google, but are not part of the top results (e.g. ‘How can I get more search engines to search for my content?’), or keywords that you are likely to use in your niche (e,g.

how can I create an online magazine, or a travel blog?).

In the next article, we’ll look at how to find content and how to use the content in your business.

If this is what you are looking for, then you should consider hiring a professional.

You could also take the next step and hire someone to create your own custom content for you.

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