The next Google has to be a real deal, but it has to make us believe

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I know it’s tempting to dismiss this as a Google bubble or something of the sort, but the new Google ads that hit the web today really do sound like something you might see in a movie.

The ads look great, and while I’m not sure that Google is really planning to do anything new in the advertising space with this ad campaign, it’s really fun to see.

The most noticeable feature of the ads is the inclusion of the word “now” with a countdown to a day of the week, which is really cool and a way to remind users that Google has already announced a new ad program in the works.

The countdown goes from “now,” to “tomorrow,” to whatever day it’s.

It also features a couple of new “now ads,” this time featuring the phrase “Today’s search results are available to you,” which is nice to see in an ad campaign.

Google isn’t saying much about the new ad series, other than to say that they are in “beta” and are being “reviewed.”

If the beta is anything like Google’s search, we could see this program in full force sometime this summer, so keep your eyes peeled.

The “now ad” is one of a handful of ads that Google launched today in an effort to remind people that Google still has the ability to do something with search results.

The other is a promotional video for a new Google-owned app called “Now,” which sounds a lot like the Google Now feature on Android phones.

In both cases, Google is reminding people to use the app instead of Google Now, but at least in the video they use the Now button instead of the home button.

There’s a similar video for “Today,” which looks a little similar, but instead of reminding users to use Now instead of a Google Now app, they use a Google Plus account and get a reminder of the new program.

They also get a “Now” button, which, again, looks like a Google+ button.

Google is clearly trying to get users to ditch Google Now and use their own app instead, which makes sense given how popular Google Now is in the Android ecosystem.

The other new ad, “Google Now,” is a more traditional “now app” that also features the countdown clock.

The “now bar” is the top of the screen, and the countdown to the next day is just above it.

It’s probably the same app as Google Now.

It’s hard to say how big of an impact the ads will have in terms of Google’s overall search market share, but in the short term it does look like Google is trying to pull people in with the promise of a new program to make them think about Google more.

Google’s own search product is still very much in beta, but if you’re a regular user of the service you probably know about the ads already.

The fact that Google wants you to think about it even more might make it even better.

The ad campaign comes as Google prepares to unveil a slew of new services and apps later this month.

The company is also unveiling the “Google+ News” service, which promises to bring news and insights from Google’s various news services to your news feed.

We’ll have to wait until the program launches to find out how Google plans to use these ads, but Google has been working on a number of other new and interesting ad campaigns recently.

Google’s new ads are just the latest effort from the search giant to try to convince users to switch over to a different Google service, including a series of ads from Google Home earlier this year that asked users to “do something.”

If you’ve been waiting for an ad to be the next Google product, this one is definitely worth a look.

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