NFL, Mercedes-Benz unveil 2018 lineup

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A trio of Mercedes-AMG-branded cars will roll off the production line at Mercedes-AMS GmbH in the Netherlands next month.

The new Mercedes-AmG GT is the first GT with a hybrid system, and it joins a handful of Mercedes models with a hydrogen fuel cell and hybrid powertrain, including the AMG-powered SLS AMG AMG GT3.

The other three Mercedes-based models — the Mercedes-BMW M Coupe, Mercedes SLS GT 3 and the Mercedes M Cougar — have been on display at the German automaker’s Mercedes-amg-designed Gmbh facility since February.

Mercedes-AMP, a subsidiary of the AM Group, has made several hydrogen fuel cells, including those that produce up to 300 kilograms of CO2 equivalent, for its models.

“It’s the first time in history that a new Mercedes vehicle will be powered by hydrogen fuel, which means a completely new energy source that is more efficient than conventional combustion engines,” said Mercedes- AMG Group Vice President for Vehicle Engineering Andreas Däger in a press release.

“The powertrain also means the M Couge and the M3 are going to have significantly more downforce compared to the current M3.

And of course the M4 Coupe has a lot of performance potential, so we are very excited about this.”

The first Mercedes-ammG-based vehicle will have a four-cylinder engine with a liquid-cooled turbocharged four-stroke, along with electric power steering.

This is the engine that powers the Mercedes GLC Concept car, a hybrid sports car.

The Mercedes-M Coupe will be the first Mercedes to feature a fuel cell-electric powertrain.

“In our journey to deliver electric mobility to the masses, we have always focused on sustainability and we know how important this is,” said Peter Schäfer, CEO of Mercedes Benz AG.

“With the introduction of the Mercedes fuel cell electric powertrain on the Mercedes S550 AMG, we are delivering a new platform for electric mobility in the Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe.”

Mercedes- amg-Gmbh also unveiled a new version of the M2 sport sedan, which was developed specifically for the new Mercedes GT.

“Today’s event in Amsterdam was a great step forward for the M Mercedes and a great opportunity to show the world what we are capable of in this new category,” said Wolfgang Bühl, Executive Vice President of the company.

“And now we will work closely with AMG and Mercedes-ams Gmbk to develop a new M Couger with electric and hydrogen powertrains that can compete in the long term.”

Mercedes will also offer its own version of this M Coupoil, the Mercedes AMG C Coupe.

The next M2 will be a five-door sedan, with a six-speed manual transmission.

The M3 will be similar to the M-Class, with an all-new, all-electric V6.

“We will have new technology that will be ready for the 2018 season,” said Büll.

“But that’s just the start.

We also have plans to bring our M Coupes into the next decade.

We are looking forward to seeing what all the customers say about the M 2.”

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