How to use the Contao content and marketing tool to build your own marketing campaign

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Contao is an app that helps you create content marketing campaigns that are unique and impactful.

Here’s how to use Contao’s Content Manager tool to manage your content marketing.


Add content to Contao and create a campaign 1.1 Create a campaign.

In Contao, click “Content Manager”.

Then, select “Content”.


Create a new topic or tag.


Click on “Add Topic”.


Add a title.


Select a target audience for the content.


Click “Create”.


Click next to “Create Topic”.


Select an audience to target.


Create an article title and a summary.


Click the “Create” button.


Create content for the article title.


Click to “Next”.


Create another topic or Tag.


In the “New Topic” box, select a target keyword.


Select “Start” and click “Next” 16.

Select the topic to create a new article.


Click here to view the content you just created.


Click this link to view a list of Contao articles.


Select your target audience and click the “Publish” button 20.

You will be redirected to the page where you can view your content.


You can now see the content on your website, as well as a copy of the original article that you published.


You’ll see a “New article” icon in the bottom right corner.


Click it to get the new article published on your blog.


You should see a message that reads: “The article you are currently reading is already published.”


You now have your first article published and ready to target the right audience.

How to create your first content marketing campaign in Contao.

1 Contao article by Michael M. Kugelman 2 Contao Article by Michael Kugeman 3 Contao: A Content Marketing Tool for Content Marketing by Michael D. O’Donnell, Ph.

D. Contao Content Manager allows you to manage the content that you publish.

1 The Contao platform is built on a simple concept that every business owner should be able to understand: you can’t do content marketing with only one tool.

There are a few ways you can use the tool to create content, but for the purpose of this article, we’re going to use a more general one.

1) Create a “brand”.

2) Create content that aligns with your brand.

3) Create the first content that is both relevant and effective.

In this example, we’ll create a brand and create content that connects with that brand.

Create the Brand.

Open Contao Editor and click on “Brand”.

3) In the Brand section, you’ll find the “Brand Guidelines”.

4) In this section, click on the “Show Brand” button to view all of the relevant guidelines and create your brand guidelines.

The first step to creating a brand is to make sure your brand has a recognizable name and is relevant to the target audience.

5) Click on the “+” icon next to your brand name to add it to the list of tags.

6) In Contua, click the “++” icon at the top of the page to add a tag to the “Contao” category.

7) In your Contao Brand Guidelines, check “Use tag to create brand”.

8) In here, you can also change the “Tag” option to either “Content” or “Content Marketing”.

9) In “Content”, you can choose “Content Types”.

In the Content Types section, choose “Business Posts”.

10) Next, click and drag a text tag to place your brand tag on your brand article.

11) On the right-hand side, click “+” to add the text to your blog post.

12) In my example, the “Content Type” was “Content Posts”.

13) In another example, click to expand the Content Type list.

14) In a third example, check the box next to the category you want to add to your Content Type.

15) If you want your blog posts to appear in a list that you add, click Next.

16) In one more example, you might want to change the tags that you choose to add.

You may also want to choose a category or subcategory for your content, such as “Content.”

17) Click “Next”, then “Submit”.

18) If your brand doesn’t have a tag yet, click next.

19) On your next page, click your “Publishing” button and you’ll be redirected back to the main Contao editor screen.

20) The Contua Editor window will display your content and you can see all of your posts.

21) Now that you have a brand, you should be ready to start publishing your first blog post on Contao!

How can you use the

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