New research shows how people use marketing content to improve their lives

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Content marketing is one of the most common strategies used to build a personal brand.

But new research from the University of Queensland shows how it can actually be used to create positive and positive impact on people.

Dr Dan Sperling, lead researcher at the University’s Centre for Digital Marketing and Social Engagement, said content marketing was the most popular way people used to promote themselves, and people were doing this by creating a positive image.

“Our research shows that people are actually looking for content that’s about them, that’s telling them something,” Dr Sperlings said.

“And we found that people look for a positive story that makes them feel better about themselves.”

Dr Sperlin said that, in the age of social media, people had become more comfortable sharing content that was about them.

“What we’ve seen is that people have gotten more comfortable with sharing content, that people want to share their experiences and be inspired by the content they’re sharing,” he said.

While social media platforms have helped people connect with one another and connect with people from all walks of life, Dr SPerlings found that it was the content that people shared on social media that was making a difference.

“We found that content that you shared was what got people engaged in the content,” he explained.

“So, content that made you feel good about yourself, that made others feel good, that connected with others that you didn’t know about, that gave people a sense of belonging.”

Dr Chris Whelan from the Institute of Digital Marketing at the Australian National University said that the rise of digital marketing had resulted in a more complex understanding of how to build relationships and build a brand.

“The most important thing for a brand is to be perceived as a brand, as a leader, as an influencer, and that’s a whole lot harder to do when it’s not just about a company or a company’s image,” Dr Whelans said.

Dr Whelas said the way to create that brand image was to create content that would make people feel good and to do this with a positive, positive message.

“You’ve got to be able to make people want that brand experience,” he suggested.

Dr Sattler said the use of content was more important than ever before, with the rise in social media.

“Content is one thing that people can do and one thing they’re more comfortable doing,” he pointed out.

“I think that’s going to be the key thing for the future.”

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