IBM: ‘I’m not going to take your money’

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IBM is not a stranger to the world of marketing.

The computer giant was one of the first companies to bring its proprietary technology to the market, and it continues to be a major player in the world’s biggest tech industry today.

But this year, the company has been in a bit of a hot seat.

Its stock is currently down more than 20 percent in the last month.

The stock market is so volatile that IBM is even trying to make up for some of that volatility by investing in the digital content market.

IBM is one of several major technology companies that has invested in companies that specialize in producing and distributing high-quality video content for its clients.

These companies often produce video content to sell on YouTube, which is owned by Google.

The company has also recently started promoting its own content through its own video platforms, including YouTube and Amazon.

In addition to its own YouTube and Netflix video platforms it has also launched its own social media platform called Facebook.

And it recently began advertising on its own digital platforms.

The latest news on the video market: IBM has partnered with major video service provider Vimeo, which owns the video streaming site.

This partnership will allow IBM to sell more video content through Vimeo for its customers.

Vimeo is also looking to invest in a new video platform that will allow it to produce more high-end content.

The platform will be available to users of Vimeo on iOS, Android and Windows.

The deal will also allow Vimeo to offer IBM’s video platform as an ad-free video solution for its users.

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