How much do content marketing teams pay?

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The content marketing market has changed dramatically over the past decade and, in particular, the way companies are investing in their teams.

While this has led to a number of high-profile companies offering significant pay packages to their staff, a large majority of content marketers are still paying little to no money at all, leaving them struggling to get a foot in the door.

According to a recent study by Relevance, a company that tracks paid content marketing work, paid content marketers earn an average of $9,000 per year.

This is down slightly from last year’s $10,000 average but still a significant sum.

What are the key things that are important to know about paid content?

There are several key points to be aware of when assessing a company’s paid content strategy.

What does the pay look like?

The number one way to assess the value of your content is to compare it to other companies offering similar content.

Companies that offer the same type of content as you will pay more.

The PayScale tool allows you to look at pay rates of content creators across a wide range of industries.

You can also check the pay rates for other top content brands and industry segments.

What kind of content do I need to deliver?

Some of the best content to drive a strong return on your investment will need to be content that’s relevant to your audience.

If your company is in the content marketing business, it’s likely that your company has a long list of titles that you can target to drive conversions.

Content that’s more about marketing, sales and analytics may also be more valuable.

What’s the pay structure?

Paid content marketing offers a wide variety of different pay structures.

These include: Paid per article: This is the most lucrative paid article, typically around $200 per article.

You will usually see paid per article for a large number of articles.

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