When Amazon launches a new product, the company will pay its staff $12.9 million

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Amazon is set to launch a new subscription-based business this week, with the company paying its workers $12,9 million for at least six months of employment, according to documents obtained by CBS News.

The documents, obtained by The Wall Street Journal and CBS News, provide the first official accounting of the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot products and services from the company.

The payments, announced on Wednesday by Amazon’s chief financial officer, Jeff Bezos, provide a rare peek into the future of the company as it tries to carve out a niche as a provider of e-commerce services.

The Amazon Echo is the company’s first product to launch this week as it attempts to build out its first full-service e-tailer.

The Echo Dot, a smart speaker, has been delayed for months.

The $20.8 billion acquisition of online video service Twitch last year, and the company building a rival to YouTube Video in 2018, were the two big steps Amazon took in 2018.

Both products have seen delays, but Amazon has been pushing forward in the years since.

Last month, Amazon released a list of major features and services for its Echo and Dot, including support for voice-activated digital assistants and access to a wide range of new apps.

Amazon also said it would invest $500 million to buy the streaming video service Netflix in 2019.

At the same time, Amazon’s first major acquisition since 2020 was a $3 billion investment in Amazon Video, the online video giant that had a small presence in the United States.

Amazon said it plans to invest at least $1 billion to expand its video content business, which now includes Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Video Now and other new services.

But the company also said its first foray into video was its announcement last week that it was launching a video streaming service, dubbed Prime Video Unlimited, with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business, including Disney, Universal, Sony, HBO, Disney XD, and Disney Junior.

Amazon also said Prime Video will be available on Roku devices and will be streamed to Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox, Amazon Android and Windows PCs.

Prime Video Unlimited will be priced at $99 per month, with a $1,000 annual subscription that can be used on all devices.

The company is also planning to launch Prime Music Unlimited with the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry and other popular artists.

It said it will release an app in the coming weeks that will let users listen to the streaming music through their smart speaker.

The first new product unveiled Wednesday, the Amazon Home app, will allow people to stream music directly to their home computers and tablets.

The app is designed to give people an easier way to stream video from popular movies and TV shows to their TV and smartphones.

Amazon said it is rolling out Home to customers in the U.S. and in select European markets in the first quarter of 2019.

Amazon will also launch Amazon Music Unlimited in the second quarter of 2020.

The Home app is a free app that will provide access to music from major streaming services and includes exclusive content such as exclusive content from Amazon Music, exclusive exclusive music from Amazon Prime Music and exclusive music created by Amazon employees.

Amazon has also released its own music streaming service called Amazon Prime Sound.

It is expected to be available in the next few months, but it will not have a subscription pricing model.

The second product Amazon unveiled Wednesday is Amazon Music Pro, which is a music streaming app for consumers with Amazon Echo speakers.

It will also have a $500 annual subscription.

Amazon’s Music Pro app will be made available in early 2019.

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