How to win the war over Facebook and Google in 2018

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Recode – As Facebook and YouTube both look to monetize their digital properties with ads and partnerships, the competition is getting louder.

And that’s only going to get more intense.

Facebook, the dominant social network, is already a massive marketer, and Google’s own YouTube is already building up its own ad network, AdSense.

And there’s no denying that Facebook is a giant and dominant player in the digital space, with an incredible user base and massive reach across social networks.

However, Google and YouTube have both been working on their own monetization strategies.

Both companies are building products and services that aim to monetise their digital content through ad networks and partner partnerships.

Facebook is targeting audiences in the United States and abroad, and has partnered with some of the biggest brands on the planet.

And YouTube is targeting the U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, India, South Africa, and Russia.

Google has also been pushing its ad product, called YouTube Prime, to U.S. audiences.

But while Google is the largest advertiser on YouTube, it’s actually YouTube Prime’s largest market in the U., which accounts for just over one-third of YouTube’s user base.

Facebook has been the biggest player in Asia, though the company has struggled to find an effective monetization strategy in the region, especially given its low conversion rate and limited amount of ad revenue.

This year, YouTube’s strategy for reaching the U is going to take a step forward with its ad network partner AdSense, which has partnered directly with YouTube and YouTube Prime.

According to the company, the partnership is part of a wider strategy to deliver ads on a global scale, with YouTube’s partners helping to generate the revenue and drive growth.

Facebook’s strategy is not as clear cut.

The company has said it wants to get its ads on more platforms and in more places, and is experimenting with ways to reach more users.

For example, YouTube Prime has been targeting viewers in Japan, Korea, and China, and it has partnered in India.

And AdSense is aiming to grow its global reach through partnerships with brands, which is where YouTube Prime is most useful.

But AdSense has a limited amount, and YouTube is in a great position to capitalize on its existing partnerships.

Google’s strategy has been to go after the big markets first, while Facebook has focused on smaller markets like the U and Europe, and on getting its ad products to more people in the process.

Google says it has a lot of ideas about how it wants AdSense to be used, and that it is already working on more partners and ways to build on its ad platform.

Google and AdSense’s relationship is a good one.

Google will get its ad revenue from its own ads on YouTube Prime and YouTube.

YouTube has already partnered with brands to sell its YouTube content through AdSense for $9.99 per month, which will be a drop in the bucket compared to AdSense prices for most of the ads that YouTube produces.

YouTube is also using YouTube Prime to sell YouTube ad slots in Japan and China.

And, in addition to being a big player in Asian markets, Adsense has also expanded into Europe.

AdSense charges around 30% more than YouTube, and the two companies have worked together on a number of projects.

Google is going after the U market first, but Facebook is looking to go to the U for the bulk of its growth in 2018.

Facebook and Adsense have a lot in common.

Facebook wants to be a global leader in the ad business.

Google wants to build an ad network that can serve as the backbone of a global digital advertising ecosystem.

And they both want to build products that can deliver value to their advertisers.

The big differences between the two businesses are that Facebook has a smaller user base, and AdSense has a much larger user base than YouTube.

And as we’ve seen with the Google acquisition of Vox Media, the AdSense team is well-positioned to adapt to the changing digital landscape and adapt to changing ad formats.

And Google is taking its time to build out its advertising strategy, and there are many unknowns and unknowns.

What’s clear is that these two companies are going to have a significant impact on the digital advertising landscape in 2018, and one of the key reasons for this is that they’re already making significant progress on their advertising products.

Advertisers want to make sure that they have a strong ad platform to build their business on, and they want to see that platform deliver value and reach.

Facebook says that its ad partners are already working with advertisers and brands to build and scale their businesses.

Facebook already has partnerships with a lot more big brands than it has partnerships for small companies.

Facebook will have to do a lot to build its ad business over the next few years, but it’s going to do it well.

YouTube’s ad network is a great example of how a great ad platform can help a brand build a great audience.

And while it

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