Toronto’s ‘new mayor’ is launching the city’s first data-driven, data-informed marketing strategy

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Mayor Rob Ford’s chief of staff says he’s planning a data-centric approach to marketing, with his first initiative being the creation of a new data-focused marketing strategy.

“Our strategy is to create a data set, and then I think we’re going to start to get a better sense of what the city needs to do to grow in this space,” Mark Towhey said Tuesday at the launch of a program that he hopes will lead to “the kind of analytics that you can use to get better insights about what’s happening in the city.”

The data set is designed to help the city understand what’s working, what’s not, and what it can do to improve itself.

It’s part of a broader strategy Towhey hopes will help the mayor and city council find ways to leverage the citywide data and analytics program launched in June, with the goal of “developing a strategy that has an impact on city operations, as well as on the quality of life in Toronto.”

Towhey, who took over the job last year, is in charge of the citys first-ever data-based marketing program.

The strategy will be launched later this year, with Towhey overseeing its development.

The mayor and council have previously said the data that the program will collect will help improve the city, with data showing that the city has the highest homicide rate in Canada, the lowest crime rate in the GTA and a low crime rate on a per capita basis.

“We are looking at all kinds of things.

This is something that we need to do right now, right now,” Towhey told the Globe and Mail at the press conference announcing the new program.”

And I think that this is something where you can do it right now.

I think it’s something that you need to look at right now.”

While Towhey’s new initiative will be a way to make Toronto more competitive in the data-savvy market, the mayor has made it clear that he is also looking to bring more transparency to city operations.

The city’s website and mobile app have been revamped, and the city will soon start accepting public submissions for an annual audit of the data collection.

“The city will be doing this data-analytics thing, and I think the public will be very interested to see what this means,” Towhe said.

“There’s going to be a lot of data out there, so we need that.”

The city is also planning a pilot project to see if the program can be used to attract more people to the city.

Towhey and his staff are also hoping to get more people from the suburbs and outside the city to come work at the new data collection facility.

The new initiative comes on the heels of the council’s decision last month to launch a new citywide, data analytics program called “The Data Initiative.”

The program aims to give the city a “head start” in creating better data sets and a “better understanding” of what’s going on in Toronto, Towhey added.

The city hopes that the new initiative, called the Data Initiative, will help it find ways in the future to build on the success of the old data-saturated program.

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